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Our Favorite Things-June 22nd

Posted by Dawn Anderson

It's a hot one here in Philly. Here's our favorite ways to cool down and save money.

  1. Save on Food-8 easy ways to cut your food bill.
  2. Living Large-Saving money by living in a tiny house.
  3. Beat the heat-Energy saving tips to keep you cool.
  4. Stay Cool-40 cool drinks for a hot day that you can make at home.
  5. Don't forget fido-Keep your pets cool this summer.


Our Favorite Things – 1/27/2012

Posted by Dawn Anderson

Unfortunately many Americans are still struggling financially and are finding it hard to find good paying jobs or put food on their table. If you or someone you know could use a little help, the links below could be just what they need.

  1. Buy groceries without money - Thanks to organizations like Equal Dollars, people can provide community service work in exchange for "dollars" that can be used at local businesses to purchase goods and services--even food.
  2. You're hired - Job search tips to help you land that job in 2012.
  3. Help Wanted - Companies with openings right now.
  4. We're the best - 2012's list of the best companies to work for and there impressive list of perks.
  5. Come on get healthy - January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Get a list of free or low cost screenings available.


Our Favorite Things: January 6, 2012

Posted by Dawn Anderson

Happy 2012. Hopefully this year you will find happiness and prosperity. Here are a few financial tips to help you get started.

  1. Get Financially Fit - 50 Ways to improve your finances.
  2. Invest in your future - 12 essential tips for investing in 2012
  3. Update your skills - Keeping your skills current is the best way to retain or obtain employment.
  4. Quick fix - How to save money in 15 minutes or less.
  5. Just say no - 12 things you shouldn't pay for in 2012.



Our Favorite Things-December 16, 2011

Posted by Dawn Anderson

With the end of the year approaching many people are starting to make resolutions. Some of which include getting out of debt. Instead of making a resolution, I would make improving your finances a priority for 2012. To help you get started here is a list of our favorite financial blogs.

  1. Rescue Capital – Our blog contains a little bit of everything from budgeting to selling your future payments.
  2. Get Rich Slowly – This blog provides practical advice on saving money, getting out of debt and investing.
  3. Kiplinger – Gives advice on personal finance and how to secure your future.
  4. MSN Money – Saving, investing, retiring and getting out of debt advice.
  5. Smart Money – Advice on how to save, spend, borrow, plan and more.
  6. Learn Vest – How to live frugally.
  7. Savvy Sugar – Advice on money, careers and travel from a woman’s point of view.
  8. The Consumerist – Gives independent advice on scams, deals, issues, recalls and more allowing to readers to make informed buying decisions.
  9. Daily Finance – Money and finance tips galore.
  10. Bankrate – Bankrate publishes personal finance tips as well as rates on mortgages, credit cards, savings accounts and more.