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Going green can save you green

Posted by Dawn Anderson

Since Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, 2012 it seemed like a perfect time to write about the ways we can help Mother Earth while saving money in the process. When people thinking about going green they often think about how it is too inconvenient and how it will drastically change their lifestyle. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways you can help the environment without making any major changes and you may even save a buck or two.

  1. Bottle your own water – In 2009, Americans spent $9 billion dollars on bottled water. If you spent $15 a week on water that adds up to $780 a year for something you can get for free. There are many different types of containers, even ones with built-in filters, which can reflect your own personal style.
  2. Brew your own coffee – Coffee can be a huge budget buster for most people. If you only drink 1 cup per day 7 days a week at a cost of $3 a cup that’s $1092/year. Realistically the fancy coffee drinks at Starbucks cost a whole lot more. By brewing it at home or in the office you can save money, reduce the amount of coffee cups you use and sport some fancy travel mug.
  3. Borrow a book or go electronic –If you spend a lot of money on books each week you may want to consider going to the library instead. You not only save money, you reduce waste and you don’t have all those books hanging around. E-books will save you a little money compared to their paper counterparts plus they reduce paper and don’t take up space. Many magazines have electronic editions. If you need to buy books, try used. It’s better for the environment and it gives the book a new life.  Also sharing magazines and books with friends is another money saving idea.
  4. Buy antique or vintage –Instead of furnishing your home with disposable furniture made from particle board that will eventually fall apart, buy used. Many antique or vintage items are back in style, are better quality and will last longer.
  5. Reuse, repurpose and recycle –By repurposing items, donating them or selling them you give the items a new life and protect the environment. Plus you save/make money in the process. One example, repurposing an old spice rack with jars to store screws, hooks, nuts or bolts you save money on buying an organizer plus you can easily find the items. Try sites like thredup, eBay and Craigslist for used clothing, toys, furniture, books and more.
  6. Use grocery bags as trash liners –Reduce your environmental footprint, save money and keep your trash can clean.
  7. Regular vehicle maintenance –It extends the life of your car, extends the tires and improves your gas mileage when you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.  So it saves you money and your carbon footprint.
  8. Avoid vending machines –A huge budget/gut buster is vending machines. Instead buy your favorite snacks in bulk and store them in an airtight reusable container. You save money and waste.
  9.  Dine in–Eating out can be costly. Instead get out your favorite dishes and eat with family or friends. Talk, laugh, play games and have fun without spending money or wasting resources.
  10. Go paperless –Online bill pay is convenient as well as easy. You can even send yourself reminders or have payments taking out automatically. It also helps you save money by avoiding late fees and stamp. Plus it reduces the amount of paper being used.

Some other ways people go green are by using recycled building materials for their home improvement projects as well as buying energy efficient appliances. Some people will buy a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, upgrade their HVAC systems or move closer to work. If you're looking for ways to finance some of your green endeavors, your future payments might be the answer. To get a free market evaluation, please call Rescue Capital 866.688.3532.


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